What to expect?

Very few activities offer a wide range of experiences like kayaking. Whether you want an active experience like a water slide in amusement parks or you want peace and enjoyment in the moment.

Enjoying nature

Kayaking definitely offers you a better opportunity to get closer and interact with nature compared to many other activities. You can see beautiful panoramas and enjoy the landscapes that only a very small percentage of people experience.

Hanging out with family and friends

Whether you want to socialize, have fun or compete, kayaking is a great activity for you. While kayaking with family and company, you will create special memories that you will remember forever.

Kayaking relieves stress

Ublaživanje stresa jedna je od najpoznatijih beneficija kajakiranja. Istraživanje o beneficijama kajakiranja Leanne Fines i Dough Nicholas-a dokazalo je da osim ublažavanja stresa, kajakiranje ima više emocionalnih i mentalnih koristi.

Excellent exercise

Very few other outdoor activities offer this level of full body exercise along with enhanced upper body exercise. According to scientific research, kayaking for one hour can burn up to 500 calories, which is very good for losing weight and gaining fitness.


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